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Quality SEO Content

Content is king in E-commerce world, and the driving factor behind any SEO campaign. Without fresh, well-written content, you will not reach the top of the rankings.

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Land In the Right Place

A landing page is what turns a visitor into a customer. Even simple ones have shown to increase ROI by 5-7%, while other studies have seen increases up to 300%!

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Finely-crafted copy is the difference between making the sale, or going home empty handed. Email marketing, sales pitches, product descriptions, or fine-tuning texts to ensure that they say exactly what they need to. You name it, I do it.

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Life is all about making the sale. Sometimes you are the product. A resume/CV is the first point of contact between yourself and the employer, so make sure you make a great first impression. Cover letters and Linkedin profiles are a speciality!